Jumpking JumpPOD Classic 10ft Trampoline Package

Jumpking JumpPOD Classic 10ft Trampoline Package



Product Description

The superb Jumpking JumpPOD Classic available in an 10ft size with its unique revolutionary design Trampoline and safety enclosure slot together as one unit into TriLayer sockets which greatly enchances strength, safety and durability no need for brackets! Easy to set up and take down.This 10ft JumpPOD Classic trampoline package really does come with everything you need for maximum trampoline enjoyment including a weather cover which, unlike other trampolines, can be used while the safety net enclosure is installed. Great for keeping off leaves, bird droppings, tree sap, and other debris.Also included is a Trampoline access ladder which is perfect to assist novice trampolinists or children every little helps! And and shoe bag which is great for shoes and anything else you may be carrying such as a mobile phone!The Tri Layer Socket produces a much stronger connection at the point where the vertical leg assembly meets the upper frame work. Constructed from 3 layers of steel (5mm total) the major stress point is reinforced in a way that no other trampoline is. This unique feature provides a stronger, longer lasting frame. The square tsection joint construction also prevents the frame from twisting providing a completeley stable jumping arena.The JumpPOD Classic safety enclosure entrance is secured with a double locking zip and clip system. This trampoline enclosure is especially safe as it keeps jumpers away from the enclosure poles and from landing on or under the padding covering the springs, ensuring little feet and hands are kept safe.The bottom of the enclosure net is integrated with the trampoline by lacing through the Vrings preventing jumpers from slipping between springs or under the padding, giving maximum security and safety.The enclosure poles slot directly into the TriLayer socket on the legs through the spring padding, eliminating the need for conventional brackets on the legs.The JumpPOD enclosure design has the patented G3 enclosure system, with slot in G3 shock corded rods at the top of the enclosure with angled poles maintains the classic JumpPOD circular shape, eliminates sagging in the net and gives additional structural stability.This new enclosure style ensures more tension in the netting and is easier to assemble than ever before. Bouncing action now pulls the G3 rod into the support poles increasing the tension of the net. This means that there are no bungees to fly off and fewer replacement parts required.The JumpPOD Classis benefits from the unique Eurospring design with its Over and Under configuration which gives better performance, reduces stress on the frame and produces an even bounce. The springs also benefit from a much longer life span. All springs are galvanised.Spring Pads are 20mm thick and made of closed cell foam with laminated vinyl to exclude water and prevent rot.The padding is securely tied to the frame to ensure they are always in the correct position.The jumping bed is a Grade A, heavy duty, Permatron polypropylene mesh mat, made in the USA. This is the highest quality mat available.All steel frame parts are galvanised on the inside and outside to give maximum protection and life.The JumpPOD is easy to assemble, complete with full instructions.A spring loading tool is included and no other tools are required, it really is a slot together.The trampoline should be placed on a flat, soft surface.We advise that no more than one person at any one time uses the trampoline. We also urge that an adult is present at all times to ensure maximum safety.

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